Case Analysis: A Quiet Fight To Marry

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The case “A Quiet Fight To Marry” is talking about a gay couple named Carol and Jean. This case is written by Coker. Basically what happened here is this gay couple is fighting for their rights. The authors strongest argument is that the People of Alabama consider gay or more like these lesbian couple degenerates. They sometimes get their basic rights denied. This couple has been waiting for years so that the government would take same sex marriage into consideration and they could legally get married but the government does not change any rule and still remains the same.
I actually cannot find any weak point in this article because everything seem so tight and strong. The author but didn 't state how much they suffered in there. He could …show more content…

The author uses good sense of evaluation and understanding. He presents the case in an arguing way trying to show how dangerous it could be. The author focuses more in two churches and testing their faiths. That didn 't sound good.
Yes as a matter of fact what they do is very dangerous and kids in their church must be vaccinated for the safety of others. The author has a point because practicing your religion by putting the lives of other people in risk id not right and should be stopped by the government. The author is giving us an idea on how students with criminal records find it difficult to join a college or a university.
The author uses variety of examples from all around even though his main ideas and topics emphasize on New York campuses. My favorite sentence from the Op-Ed would be, students gave up filling their registration sheets when they were asked to tick if they had a criminal record.
The weak argument would be author stating in an indirect manner, it is safe having these check-boxes in the application. He shouldn 't have put that because that is sort of like appreciating the people by not letting students with criminal records to join the

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