Characteristics Of Privilege And Oppression

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Personal Growth 3 Privilege and Oppression go hand in hand. Some people get more of one than the other. What is privilege and how has it affected me? How could I build a society that maintains these equal among everyone. Privileges The following are characteristics that apply to me and how they have affected me. I am a woman. As a woman, I hold the privilege of being assumed to be much more innocent and less likely to try to do something to harm another person. Even so I have been assumed as being weak, emotional, irrational, and unreliable when it comes to things of importance. I am a Latina woman. This makes it so that people might assume that I don’t have papers and may even cause people to believe that I don’t know English well enough. This hasn’t been much of a problem for me at this moment, but I can see it becoming a problem as I get older.…show more content…
Here in the US I could see it as giving women equal pay to men, having an equal amount of programs for single dads as single moms, and extending the definition of marriage as for any gender and number of individuals. A patriarchy couldn’t exist, there would have to be equal input from all sexes, genders, etc. This is completely different from the US today. We still are very much a patriarchy, whether it be in the professional field or at home, men are seen as more reliable than women in many aspects, thus giving women lower pay. Marriage has been something that the US has fought over just recently, so extending it outside of a monogamous marriage would be outrageous. While there is more visibility for single dads, people still assume that a man cannot take care of a child by himself. This lack of programs could also be because they assume that a man can earn the money needed to shelter himself and the baby while also providing a
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