Character Analysis: Ralph

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A plane crashes on an unchartered island stranding a group of school boys. Of all the characters from the novel Lord of the Flies, I would pick Ralph, a “bigun,” due to the facts that he is smarter than most of the other characters, he is creative, and he is older, healthy, and therefore physically stronger. These qualities he possesses would be helpful to survival until we could be rescued. Ralph is one of the smarter characters in the novel. This would contribute to our survival because this would probably mean we could apply what we know or have learned in the past to help us. This would also mean we would probably know what we require to survive such as food, water, shelter, and be able to think of ways to obtain these resources. He is also very open-minded, like me, which could help us with clever ideas that would keep us safe and healthy, and most likely allow for fewer disagreements to occur. If fewer fights occur, then we will be able to work and think more as a team. Open-minded and would also allow him to qualify as creative. Creativity is an amazing quality that...
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