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Character Analysis In the 2004 film Crash, by director Paul Haggis, shows how society is still going through racism. Today, people are just being raised to be racist because that is what the people around them show them. Officer John Ryan, played by Matt Dillon is a very dynamic character who improves on his emotions and reactions to things. However, Officer John background and history, behavior and actions, and relationships affect him drastically as an adult. In this film Officer John Ryan is shown as a very racial man who discriminates against those who refuse to help or refuse to listen to him. Nevertheless, he is faced with a great challenge to face one day on duty and off. In the film they were stating not a great deal about John’s past,…show more content…
Mr. Ryan is very consistent with the way he treats those around him. When something goes wrong he starts to question himself about he had done and what part he has just taken on. Such as when he called the doctor 's office he did not get what he wanted was very rude to the person but later he realizes that he should not have done that because that was the only person that could have truly helped his father and he learns that mistake when he sees his own father in pain at his own house at night. “Call any big company with a problem; why is the person you have to deal with guaranteed to be black and stupid? Why? Because corporations are smart. They actually seek out the stupidest fucking black people they can find.”(Crash). John takes his own anger out on those around him because he feels useless that he can not do anything right in the world. When takes advantage of Christine Thayer played by Thandie Newton when he pulls over her and her husband for being dark colored, he is also distracted with the anger about the doctors who can not do anything. Once that was over he took his anger out on his partner Officer Hanson played by Ryan Phillippe. What he did he knows was wrong and he would not be able to take back and her reaction to him when he touches her will stay with him forever. Towards the end when he has a new partner they are passing the highway when they see that an accident occurs. John Ryan responds quickly to what has just happened he realizes that the woman in the car is Christine. Everyone has their own way of treating those around them. Mr. Ryan treats his father with respect even though he is rude to him.Officer John has this personality of taking his anger out on those who are particularly close to him. because he told Officer John to stop and Hanson was new in the police department and John believed he knew

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