Character Analysis Of Willy Loman

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Death of a Salesman is a classic tragedy depicting a salesman and his attempts in the American dream. The tragic aspect of the story is the pride that destroyed the opportunities that the salesman, Willy Loman had in achieving the American dream. However, because Willy did not grasp the opportunities and took his own path, he ended up as a failure as a salesman, husband, father and friend. Willy Loman is a relatable character because everyone has flaws and make that one mistake that they would regret till the day they die. In this play, all the Lomans are tragic characters who possess a fatal flaw of their own and flaws that they share with one another. These flaws eventually ended up destroying their family and turning the American dream into an American nightmare. Linda Loman is a quiet character throughout the whole…show more content…
Happy’s goal was to get an apartment, his own car and plenty of women which he has already achieved. However, he still feels lonely. In the beginning of Act I, when Happy was talking to Biff, he said that he can beat the merchandise manager in every aspect, yet he still has to take orders from him. Happy’s insatiability is his fatal flaw. Despite his successes, Happy is never satisfied. He is essentially the younger version of Willy, who would create false realityto satisfy his own ego. The most tragic character in this play is Willy Loman. He is the harbinger of tragedy that brought misfortune to all his family members. Willy’s fatal flaw was his affair with the Woman in Boston. Nearing the end of Act II, Biff discovered his affair with the Woman which destroyed their relationship as father and son. Willy betrayed his faithful wife who would do anything to protect him. Happy, following the guidance of his father is also going down the wrong path. As the result of his affair, his family is fragmented, which ended up destroying the