Character Analysis Of 'Switched At Birth'

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For my movie choice, I decided to view, “Switched at Birth” Season 1: Ep.1.What I found truly captivating is how concerned Daphne’s biological parents were of her condition, while the woman who raised her attempts to show the Kennish family that deafness is not a weakness. The first episode was very informative on how Daphne went deaf after catching meningitis. Throughout the episode, the viewer can clearly see how the hearing and deaf community perceive each other and it presents itself when the Vasquez and Kennish Family unite. In the show, “Switched at Birth” the viewer learns that Bay Kennish always felt that she did not belong in her family. When she persuaded her parents to go to a genetic counseling and that is where they…show more content…
Instead of embracing Daphne’s condition the Kennish want to find other options to fix her. and what they can do to fix it. My reaction to the Kennish’s desire to fix Daphne was not a good one. I was appalled that the Kennish’s did not attempt to understand their daughter whom they have just previously met. In one of the scenes, the viewer can see how Daphne’s biological mother begins to scream because she thinks that screaming will help Daphne hear better. I truly disliked the scene, as a mother I would have researched enough information to learn the proper way to communicate with her. If the Kennish’s would have researched they would have learned that “It is better to speak naturally and at a comfortable pace” (signs of…show more content…
We have to show our kids that being different is not a weakness but a strength. In my opinion, Mr. Kennish failed in one of the benefits people with a hearing disability need and that is social support. The show made social support into a major discussion, which should not be ignored. Due to lack of social support, it is hard for deaf kids to be matriculated in mainstreaming. By having a lack of social support we are allowing future generations to not be accepting of people with hearing disabilities. Demonstrating social support can allow understanding for the deaf community and also can help people to treat others
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