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Nova by Samuel R. Delaney is a novel based on an intergalactic quest starring two rivals that end in the supposed victory of one and the loss of the other. It is a story that is greatly influenced by what the author thinks and has been through, which is exhibited by characters such as Kaitin, Mouse, and Lorq Von Ray. Nova criticizes the idea of technology and humanity becoming so entwined that humans can no longer live without technology, and it can no longer be taken out of society. Delaney takes his own experiences as a black gay writer and incorporates his observation of being a minority in a caste-like society through the characters as well as showing how dependent humans have become on technology. Samuel R. Delaney is a unique character …show more content…

A lot of his characters are black or mixed race and he tries to make certain characters embody a certain aspect of society. In Nova, there is Lorq Von Ray, who is a multicultural conglomeration who represents the upper middle class, Draco, the so-called ‘villain' of the story, is a white upper class, character, and Mouse, a low born gypsy represents the lower class. These characters are what Delaney sees as representative of society and shows how striated society really is. He shows that lowborn people remain in the lower class throughout their lives, like Mouse being a gypsy and never really rising in the world. He emphasizes the relationship between Draco and Lorq Von Ray because really they are very similar in that these people, or rather these classes have power over a class, and as such the lines become blurred as to who is just and right, and who is evil and villainous. This is evident, especially at the end of the novel Lorq Von Ray has no regrets about retrieving the Illyrion and says "I have struck down one-third the cosmos to raise up another and let one more go staggering; and I feel no sin on me" (Delaney 233). Draco and Lorq Von Ray had the same end goals with each of their own classes either remaining in power, like Draco, or rising in power like Lorq Von

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