Character Analysis: The Great Hero

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The Great Hero What is a Hero? In the Novel Mythology by Edith Hamilton it speaks of many Greek Gods and Goddesses, you get a clear outlook on many of the characters in the novel. Many of these gods fit some criteria on what a hero is. An Epic Hero is a character who is brave and takes risks to accomplish tasks not only for themselves but for the goodness of others. A Hero is someone who doesn't only do things to benefit themselves but benefits the people around them and goes on quests to establish their greatness. Who is also glorified by their community. In the Novel two characters by the name Theseus and Perseus meet many of these characteristics. Perseus is very brave and goes on a quest to capture an item that is very dangerous…show more content…
It was very difficult to find a way out. Theseus was in search of the bull also known as the Minotaur which meant it was half bull, half human and doing so he succeeded in the task by murdering the Minotaur and also finding a way out of the labyrinth thanks to the help of Ariadne. Theseus quest of fighting the Minotaur was completed. He went out of his own way to kill a monster that was terrorizing the people of Athens. Theseus was just like any other hero; having ups and downs. Theseus was going through a difficult time. He had went to visit the Underworld only to be tricked by Hades and sit in a chair. The chair was named The Chair of Forgetfulness (Hamilton 219). Theseus stayed in this chair for long while and were not able to arise from it. Hercules who came to the rescue and removed Theseus from the chair, only to see him grow as a god and to show him that he could get up and be a better hero and reflect on his decisions in life. Theseus was not only seeking glory and fame for his accomplishments he also seemed a love life. He married a women named Phaedra, who was Ariadne’s sister. Theseus was humble “A strong affection grew up at once between father and son (220). Theseus is brave for getting up and continuing his life and not giving up, he has a heart and loves his son. Theseus is the better hero because not only does he help his community he also has a heart and loves his family and seeks to do greater. He knows right from wrong and makes mistakes but he sticks to his decision and does not go back on
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