Chapters 16-21 Review

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Black codes: These were state laws made in 1865 by the newly repatriated southern states by the local governments. These laws were designed to both deny blacks their new rights and to keep them second class citizens. The significance of these is that they denied rights to blacks that the constitution guarantees them.

Sharecropping: This was a system of work devised by the southern farmers in about 1870. In this system of work often the newly freed blacks were still forced to work on farms for little to no pay, and instead be allowed to live there. The significance of this was to make sure that the freedman didn’t advance in the job market, or get any money.

Compromise of 1877: This is a compromise between the north and south states that was intended to ease relationships between the two. This compromise ended the official reconstruction in the south and made the north essentially turn a blind eye to the newly freed slaves.

Chapter 17

Chinese Exclusion Act: This act passed in 1882 banned anyone of Chinese heritage the right to immigrate into the United States. This was done by lawmakers and was only supposed to last 10 years, but was made permanent in 1902. The purpose of this act was to stop the Chinese from immigrating because after almost 30 years of hated towards them, people didn’t want to deal with them anymore.

Gold Rush: The gold rush started in California in 1848 and sent the masses flocking to California in hope of finding riches in gold. It is because of this gold rush that California becomes a state in 1850. The significance of this is that it brought some of the poor masses out west and raised anti-Chinese sentiment.

Homestead Act: The Homestead Act was passed in 1862 and promised 160 acre...

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...k for unions.

Chapter 21

Pure Food and Drug Act: This was an act passed in 1906 and it allowed for the first time the government to set rules that business must abide by. This regulated the meat industry and was designed to make sure that the meats that people were eating didn’t end up killing them. The purpose of this was to set a standard for the meat industry.

Roosevelt Corollary: This happened in 1904 and was an addition onto the Monroe Doctrine. It said that not only would we intervene if Europe interfered, we would use force. The point of this was that we now had the muscle to back up our talk, so we told them.

Panama Canal: This canal was started in 1904 and finished in 1914. This allowed ships to pass through panama instead of going around. The significance of this is that it cut traveling time for ships into a fraction of what it would be.
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