Challenges of Managing a Non-Profit Organizations

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There are different challenges a non-profit organization face, although I believe that those same challenges are faced on for profit organization either at the same level or very similar. Trust is an issue that both non-profit and for profit organizations will encounter at some point in their business and therefore they would need to be as transparent as possible. Transparency entitles you to provide clear statements of where your money goes, how it is utilized in your organization, and how it is making your organization accomplish their goals. It is not the only thing that is necessary to make the stakeholders, other business, employees or anyone interested in other business to trust in your organization. For a non-profit organization trust is a key element to engage volunteers, donors and other business; without trust chances are that the organization might fail to achieve their mission. Trust is acquire by performing the goals you have set for your mission and not deviating from it, at least not too far from achieving the organizations goals either for non-profit or for profit organization. It is also important to have a plan (Taylor-Hamm) in case there is a catastrophic event that might jeopardize your organization, it will help you foresee adverse situations and you will be better prepared in case your first plan fails.

Performance challenges are faced in the same manner on both types of organizations non-profit and for profit organization. However they might be measured in a different way due to the different types of mission they have set for themselves and the different outcome they might expect. There are different ways that a manager can measure the work performance of their employees, by what they produce, b...

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...that I should mention and that is that most of these corporations that have partnered with Children’s Miracle have been with them for more at least 10 years. What is most important of all the sponsors is that they share a common vision with Children’s Miracle. There is one thing that left me amazed and that was that most of the sponsors do some other type of fundraising for other organizations and that that like RE/MAX says “the power of many is to make a difference...they have learned that genuine compassion in life directly corresponds to meaningful success in business and that in RE/MAX is called Premier Community Citizenship-performing ordinary acts of extraordinary generosity” (Children’s Miracle). If there has been a problem that might have affected either Children’s Miracle or their sponsors and than that sponsor is no longer part of this tremendous cause.
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