Organizational Maturity Assessment Essay

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Businesses use many performance measures to evaluate systems, personnel and overall task performance. The key to accurately measuring performance would be knowing the tools and resources are available and how they can best be leveraged for the best of the organization. Annual personnel evaluations and organizational maturity assessments are two methods and organization can measure performance; identify solutions and recommendations to make improvements that increase overall company performance. Personnel evaluations give the company an insight to how employees are working towards achieving strategic goals. Organizational Maturity Assessment focuses on current practices and procedures utilized by the company. Organizations are like humans,…show more content…
When organizations use this type of assessment, they grow using self-assessment and external performance evaluations; when combined they can provide the thorough and accurate assessment. When an organization knows their capabilities, knows the need for change, and sees the way to growth they are said to be ready for organization change resulting in performance improvement in the end (Rezvani, n.d). These types of assessments provide for tailored, specific and actionable items that grow and mature the…show more content…
While personnel may be the driving force to achieve goals, they need to be supported with resources, time and any number of items; this evaluation is for management to determine where they can provide assistance to the people. Organizations will often fall short in this area and either not recognize or not want to accept it until documented with measures and evidence. By having the organization evaluated as a whole, it possibly gives credence to their employees that the organization is supportive of their efforts. In turn, employees should be giving maximum effort towards achieving strategic goals by performing tasks as required. Organizations can be evaluated in three levels; internal evaluation, external evaluation and the Evaluative Organization (Martz, 2013). Internal evaluation review and evaluate company operating procedures and then used to populate advanced statistical modeling and performance dashboards (Martz, 2013). This system is a self-assessment, with an emphasis on performance measurement; during this phase there can numerous sources with perhaps one of the best being the people of the company. When management has good communication paths with employees, they are more likely to give honest input to performance

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