Challenges and Solutions to the Security and Privacy Concerns of MSNs

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With the fast evolving social network technology, the anonymity network identity will ensure that the privacy of the MUs exists. The implementation of this system can help eliminate all the security and privacy problems affecting MSNs at the moment. This is because the network identity of the device plays a major role in establishing connections between devices. If the internet servers adopt this system, the security and privacy concerns in MSNs will be a problem of the past.
ComScore reports that social networking takes up about 84% of the internet users in the world. The major sites associated with these statistics include Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp among others. The percentage takes up about 1.3 billion of all internet users. The technological advancements in networking have made it possible for Smart phones and other handsets to access the internet. Users around the world are now able to share up to date information and data in real time. The connection provided by social networks and smart phones gives the users a reliable communications platform for easy sharing of information (Liang et al., "Efficient and Secure Protocol” 175).
Smart phones play an important role in the field of social networking as they run applications that utilize various platforms to connect users. As a result, there is an increase in the number of smart phone applications that use the internet. The applications are divided into three broad categories among them being the smart phones with online social applications (OSAs). They establish a link between the mobile users (MUs) and internet service providers (ISPs). The MUs trust the ISPs; consequently, privacy and security of the former is covered by the latter. The second group comprises the positi...

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