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IGN: IArata Age (Must be 14 or older): 14 Timezone: Eastern When did you join Centile?: This map Fairly new to things but really enjoy the server so far. How active are/were you?: I am very active sometimes I will be a practice, and other real life things that may get in the way at certain times but so far I have been on every day. Be honest, how do you think of yourself in the community? (Toxic, friendly, etc.): I'm very open minded and very creative at what I am doing at the time being. I respect people that respect me. Why would you like to apply for Centile?: I'm applying for the sole purpose of me not doing that much and I feel it will give me a better opportunity to get more open and friendly with other people. What would you …show more content…

I will share information with staff that are in the need of it. Give people help in chat to benefit them but not brake the rules that are given to me as a staff member. If people are being "toxic" in chat I will try my best to solve the problems that they are having and help people in the need of staff. If the builder or admins need help with building I'm mostly open without a question. I have gotten many complements on my building skills in the past as well. One of my most amazing qualities is my hard work to make this server a better place for all to join, and for this server to have an even greater future. Many people think of being staff is just hard work but I will promise you with the qualities I have, I will assure you of the best of me 99.99% of the time. My Daily Activities are like I have said previously is I play sports, mostly any but I'm trying to get a good career in my soccer. My season just ended so I will have more time to do what I want, which is to be staff on preferably Centile. Playing sports really helps with Respect which is a big priority to me. I would like for someone to Respect me so that I can Respect them even more. I see many people with spam in chat, or being toxic in chat for no apparent reason. Another way of showing great respect is if your screen sharing them that I will be so passionate that it's like time itself stopped …show more content…

I will never stop caring about how I treat players and making the community of Centile a better place for all to join. I will need some practice on screensharing since I haven’t screenshared in a while. Previous Staff Experience?: My past staff experience is some what low i have been staff on server that were big at one moment but as they were dying down they accepted me. I was staff on a server call Plusepvp. I was staff when the server had around 150-50 people on it each day. But later found that the staff were no good and I no longer wanted to be a part of it. I was staff on that server for about 1 month. Other than this My staff Experience is low, but I'm hoping this will give me a better experience for the near future. Are you staff on any other servers at the moment?: At this moment no I am not Staff on any other servers. Can you record?: Yes I can record but sometime if it’s a bad day for my computer I will not be able to. Do you have a Microphone? (If it's bad you most likely won't get staff): I have a Headset microphone. My headset is a g430 logitech but it’s broke near the earcups so I’m looking to get an upgrade, which can improve the

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