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Teachers and students have long been at war over the various issues concerning cell phones. Many teachers say that cell phones ringing, vibrating and making other noise disrupt a class, though in fact, many teachers’ complaints could be rendered null and void if students were allowed to use cell phones. Usage of phones out of class, in lunch and in the hallways should be allowed, as well as in the class, but at the teacher’s discretion for the student to use for their education, safety, and for their social interaction. Many teachers view cell phones as a disruption to their class, but some allow them for use in the classroom for the purpose of research, or calculators, or other such educational purposes, not just texting. Usage of phones in this way in the class can be beneficial, and students who don’t use the class time for work are only hurting themselves. If, for example, a student is causing a disruption with their phones, it is simple enough to confiscate the phone and issue demerits while the rest of the class works, and this also deprives the student of potential cla...

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