Cell Cycle Essay

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Cell Cycle
What is the cell cycle? It’s the way we reproduce. A series of events lead up from the beginning that which gives them life to the splitting of cells, The separate steps make up this very important process. Without the division of cells, we simply would not be here today.
The Roles
The main role for cell division if the ability to reproduce. The cell cycle allows multicellular organisms to grow and divide and single-celled organisms to reproduce. From some multicellular organisms, cell division can reproduce an entire organism. It is also primary to the progress of a multicellular organism that commences as a fertilized egg or zygote. These same organisms also benefit from cell division to reconstruct and renew cells that die
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During this phase the DNA aka “deoxyribose nucleic acid” clone then forms chromatin. Chromatin is the mass of genetic material that forms into chromosomes. Interphase is divided into smaller parts: G1 Phase, S phase and G2 Phase. Throughout all the phases, the cells continuously develop by producing mitochondria, endoplasmic reticulum, and proteins. The actual division occurs during the S phase bur the G phases are mainly for the purpose of growing. Starting with the G1 phase the cell grows in preparation for certain intracellular components and DNA replication. This phase makes sure the cell is prepared for the process of DNA replication. It reviews the size and environment to ensure that is it ready to go, and cannot leave the G1 until it is complete. But what happens to a cell when it is not complete and cannot exit out of the phase? It will pause and transfer to phase G0. There’s no certain time to be in this phase but it will remain until it reaches the fitting size and is in a supportive surroundings for DNA replication. It will exit either G1 or G0 and there is no other way besides these. Then the cell will advance to the next phase which is the S phase. Synthesis, or more known as S phase is the section of the cell cycle when the DNA is wrapped into chromosomes then duplicated. This is a very important part of the cycle because it grants each of them that is created, to have the exact same genetic…show more content…
There are certain things that must happen first before the cell can actually split. There is a six step process required during Mitosis. The first five steps of mitosis are called prophase, prometaphase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase. This is where all the training and preparation is done for cell division. The sixth step is Cytokinesis, and that is when the cell literally splits into two. Like I said, there are certain things in order to happen before it can enter the M phase. first, it must meet the requirements of the certain size and environment. Since in the S phase the cell duplicated it’s amount of chromosomes it be represented as 2N, where N equals the number of chromosomes in the cell. Cells about to enter M phase, which have passed through S phase and replicated their DNA, have 4N chromosomes. Because of this they are now allowed to enter within the M phase to prophase. Here is where the cell thickens up its chromosomes and begin to sprout microtubules from clone centrosomes. Microtubules tub-like are protein filaments and where the chromosomes migrate but are still within the nuclear envelope in the nucleus. There are centromeres, that are inside the chromosomes and during the later process of this phase, specialized microtubules called kinetochores, assemble on the centromere then later attach to these sites. They act like magnets and go
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