Celiacs Disease

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Have you ever heard about what Celiacs Disease is? Celiacs Disease is a disease in which someone is not able to in take gluten products such as cakes,pies,and noodles all of the things that we eat and love to enjoy. Those with Celiacs Disease who come in contact with gluten and just to eat the slightest amount of gluten.The villi in the small intestine can get damaged and flattened. If the villi is damaged it will take up to six months or longer in order to heal fully and correctly.During World War II no know knew what was wrong with the soldiers when they would come in injured and constantly would be getting sick when nurses would feed them things with gluten because back during different times they did not have the technology that we have now a days to diagnose people with Celiacs Disease, Celiacs Disease is normally an under-diagnosed disease, there is many different ways to check if someone has Celiacs Disease.They do blood tests, endoscopy,and biopsy.Celiacs Disease can turn out to be a life threatening situation so try as hard as possible to stick to a gluten-free diet.Celiacs Disease is on the rise due to chemicals in modern-day foods and everyday products,an increase in the consumption of whole grain foods, and an increase in awareness and diagnosis within the medical community. With their being many more diagnosis and their being more of an awareness of what Celiacs Disease is doctors know more about what they are looking for and how to diagnose Celiacs Disease.Those with Celiacs Disease know more of the things that they are and are not able to eat the product if the person is not able to eat the product they tend to stay away from it unless that person is like me and are not ready to change their diet if they are not ready to change their diet quite yet than the symptoms will increase and get worse and worse each time. If someone tends eats something that

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