Causes of Suicide

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Causes of Suicide

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Suicide can best be described as the destructive act of voluntarily taking one's own life. Suicide often presents a real and often tragic puzzle to be solved by friends and family, and any other professionals who have been involved with someone who has committed suicide. To be able to definitively answer the question as to why an individual would commit such a deadly act seems to be a highly complex task. The victim himself or herself, is perhaps the least aware of the answer to this ninth leading cause of death. Scientists have discovered that the cause of this fatal behavior can be found both within and without the individual. Whether biological, sociological or psychological the question remains as to which one will provide explanations to suicidal behavior. Or perhaps, could the answer be that all these factors are somehow interrelated. Whatever the case may be the statistics are frighteningly real.

There is more suicide deaths than homicides in the United States every year. Unbelievably so, suicide is in fact the ninth leading cause of death in the United Stated. For the young, consisting up to the age of fifteen, it is the third cause of death in the United States. Rounded to the nearest second, on average, every seventeen seconds one person will complete this self-destructive act resulting in death. Men account for eighty percent of all suicides in the United States and are more likely than women to be successful at killing themselves. There are, rounded to the nearest person, one female suicide completion to every four male suicide completions. Suicides committed using firearms make up over sixty percent of the population that has commit...

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There is only one alternative to suicide that I can think of. Individuals seem to commit suicide when they feel pressured by society. Suicidal people have problems and feel there is no alternative, their best solution would be to die. The individual cannot fathom the fact that maybe they can fix their problems. Unquestionable suicide is not the answer to anyone's problems. If society worked together to help suicidal individuals in distress know that there is a solution, then maybe we would have less suicide.

In conclusion, the alternative to suicide is that there is no problem so large that in constitutes self-killing. No matter what solutions anyone came up with, there is always going to be suicide. However, by understanding suicide and the many factors that cause it, we could start to try to lessen the statistics.