Cause Of World War 2 Essay

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It is common that one war will lead to another. Often times, one war creates so much ruin, another war follows as an attempt to “rebuild” from the devastation of what occurred previously. The First World War, which lasted four years (1914-1918), left the world unstable and unsure of what was to come following the devastation of that war. While World War I caused problems for the world, the nation’s instability after the first World War caused a war that would prove to be far more destructive than anyone could have imagined. There were multiple causes to World War II and it is difficult to pin point which cause had the greatest impact of the creation of the war, though most would agree that Adolf Hitler’s involvement throughout the years leading up to World War II was one of the greatest causes of the war and Hitler was involved in multiple causes of World War II. However, Hitler is not the only cause of the war. The failure of appeasement, the Treaty of Versailles, the failure of the League of Nations, as well as financial depression also caused World War II to occur. All of these causes ultimately created devastation for the world with the creation of World War II. One cause to World War II was Hitler’s invasion of Poland, which caused Great Britain to declare war on Germany, and thus was the beginning of a war that would destroy more land and lives than any other war that had occurred before it. While there are many people who might argue the Treaty of Versailles was the main cause of World War II, there are some who feel Adolf Hitler’s aggression and need to expand was the main reason that war broke out on September 1, 1939. As states, Hitler was possessed by his ideals and ideas of the world he felt needed to ... ... middle of paper ... ...War II, it also did not help that the League of Nations failed and the idea of appeasement did not work out. There is not really a way to place full blame on one of these causes, as they all led to the beginning of World War II. An important part of these causes to World War II, as well as the war itself, is that the nation was able to figure out what could not work. There are times when people simply cannot be trusted, and even a treaty that seems to be important can still be gone against. Also, while it would be nice to settle disputes peacefully, that is not always an option that will work. As the textbook states, the world was at a point where they were “juggling between war and peace” (AFR 181). One of the best things that came from the war is that the nation learned these things and in turn has gone on to find new tactics to deal with conflict in the world.
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