Cause Of The Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Cause and Effects of the Industrial Revolution During the 1800’s, the world went through a huge shift, which we call the Industrial Revolution. This shift transformed and changed the way human life exist on this planet today. The Industrial Revolution changed our agrarian life style and lead us to great technological advancement, which was a turning point in the history of mankind that affected the world forever. The agrarian society’s primary source of wealth, before the Industrial Revolution, was through agriculture. With economies based on agriculture, farmers were self-sufficient, families lived on farms, produced their own food, and would use agriculture as a means of barter and trade. The lifestyle of agrarians where separated from…show more content…
There was a rise in scientist and engineers, which lead to new discoveries and expansion economically. By replacing water and animal power, steam power was a catalyst for the Industrial revolution. James Watts had perfected the steam engine, which allowed the running of machines in cotton spinning mills, flour mills, and breweries. Richard Arkwright invented the water frame for the cotton spinning wheel, which was larger than James Hargreaves’s spinning jenny, revolutionized the textile industry. During this time, there was a man by the name of Eli Whitney, and American inventor, who invented the cotton gin. This was one of the key inventions of the Industrial Revolution Coal became a key factor in the success of industrialization of Great Britain. Coal was the equivalence of oil back in this period. Coal powered factories, ran railway trains, and steamships. Although coal was a rich source of income, Great Britain’s cotton and metalworking industry was crucial internationally as well. Birmingham was the mass manufacturers of brass fittings, buttons, guns, nails and…show more content…
British society, like many European countries in history, was divided hierarchically. Since the Industrial Revolution, this system has been constantly changing. The new social class structure during the Industrial Revolution brought about four classes: The New Nobel class which was big businesses; upper middle class which consisted of doctors, lawyers and professionals that were financial stable; lower middle class which was teachers, shop owners, and office workers; and the working class which was farmers and factory workers. This structure has caused detrimental effects in our economic system, leading to less wealth
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