Catherine Carbone, a Study of Her Personality and an Analysis of Her

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Catherine Carbone, a Study of Her Personality and an Analysis of Her

Interaction with Other Characters Throughout the Play

Arthur Miller was born in New York City, America, on October 17th

1915. His father, Isidore Miller, was a ladies-wear manufacturer and

shopkeeper who was ruined in the depression. The sudden change in

fortune had a strong influence on Miller. The family moved to a small

frame house in Brooklyn. He spent his boyhood playing football,

baseball and reading adventure stories. After graduating from a high

school in 1932, Miller worked in automobile parts warehouse to earn

money for college. Having read Dostoevsky's novel The Brothers

Karamazov Miller decided to become a writer. To study journalism he

entered the University of Michigan in 1934, where he won awards for


After graduating in English in 1938, Miller returned to New York.

There he joined the Federal Theatre Project, and wrote scripts for

radio programs, such as Columbia Workshop (CBS) and Cavalcade of

America (NBC). 1940 Miller married a Catholic girl, Mary Slattery, his

college sweetheart, with whom he had two children.

Miller's first play to appear on Broadway was The Man Who Had All the

Luck (1944). It closed after four performances. Three years later

produced All My Sons was about a factory owner who sells faulty

aircraft parts during World War II. It won the New York Drama Critics

Circle award and two Tony Awards. In 1944 Miller toured Army camps to

collect background material for the screenplay The Story of G Joe

(1945). Miller's first novel, Focus (1945), was about anti-Semitism.

Death of a Salesman (1949) brought Miller international fame, and

become one of the major achievements of modern American thea...

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...nship faces a unnecessary

strain. However throughout Catherine and Rodolpho’s relationship

Beatrice supports Catherine and chooses her side over Eddie’s. in the

end of the story Catherine and Beatrice’s relationship is almost back

to how it was in the beginning until Beatrice reveals how she secretly

knew Eddie loved Catherine and she wanted Catherine married so Eddie

could realise he couldn’t have her. This suggests that Beatrice was

‘keeping her friends close but her enemies even closer’, therefore

suggesting that Catherine's and Beatrice’s relationship was a lie from

the start of the story.

In conclusion Catherine turned from a bubbly, immature naïve child

into a mature, self reserved adult throughout the story. This was

because of many reasons including falling in love with Rodolpho and

discovering Eddie had always loved her as more than a daughter.
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