Categorizing People

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How are we categorized?
Walker Percy, Danzy Senna’s, and “Two Kinds” has developed many descriptions of different kinds of categories that can be presented in a person. To be categorized is to be judged by different views and opinions. The world has an image of characterizing everyone and everything in a sense of class. Categories takes place in three areas: people, society, and other observant areas.
First, people have the tendency of judging a person by their cover. The majority of the people only compare themselves as what they are by ethnic or color. Blacks with blacks, whites with whites, and others with others. It’s hard for people like me to choose which table to sit at or who to say to be friends with because of me being a brown-skinned person. Now being in a category of a diverted-self, which leaves me as an open-minded person to not take anything offensively. For instance, last week in the New York bombing. Since I have the same colored skin as the terriost, I have been called all sorts of names. Nothing was taken personally because I understand that people are angry. I blame the majority of the parents too. Children take the same actions as what they are taught by parents. You teach your children to hate other people because they do not have the same skin color as you, causes more and more racial issues everywhere they go and everyone they see. Maturity would be another key concept of people. They should not listen to what others have to say. For example, you tell me to go beat a person up because you do not like their skin color. The only reason I would go do it is because I want to prove to my friends that I can do it with no shame at all. What people have to say to you, should be kept as an open opinion of their knowledge. What people see is what people judge. I can be an unattractive girl or a person who wears baggy clothes, but that does not make me a bad person. Everyone has there since of style and being a diverted, you keep your mind open to people and see what he or she has to say. Not just on what others want you to be. People as a whole has a worry about how others will classify them and that should not be the issue.

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