Case Study: The Boston Globe And Sexual Abuse In The Catholic Church

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Since the genesis of the Catholic Church it has been arguably the most powerful and feared organization in human history, withstanding any that opposed it. After 2,000 years of history it has become one of the most dominant religions on Earth, leading the western world. After the time of Martin Luther, the Catholic Church never thought that it would see another era of opposition until the Boston Globe’s investigative Spotlight Team uncovered one of the churches greatest scandals, bringing it into the light of the world. The uncovering of this scandal will become one the landmarks of modern journalism, after a group of reporters took on one of the strongest organizations known to man without fear of reprisal from this great titan. Catholicism is a denomination of the Christian religion encompassing 1.1 billion members, tracing its illustrious history to the time of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, a preacher…show more content…
The Spotlight Team became the foot in the doorway for all journalists to have the courage be able to report the truth without fear of reprisal, and especially have the courage to report on something that no one wants to talk about and no one wants to hear. The Catholic Church had a strong hold on the Boston community at the time, it was not an easy decision to make to go after an organization that virtually controlled the minds of a majority of the people in their lives. Another aspect that the Globe reporters had to look at was the result of publishing this kind of story. When people begin to hear about hundreds of cases of sexual abuse done to kids by priests in their own backyards, it can begin to spread widespread panic throughout a city over the safety of their

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