Case Study On Bundle Of Joy

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5.0 Online Store Site
5.1 About Bundle of Joy (2 pages)
Bundle of Joy (BoJ) is an online store based in Singapore selling clothes, necessities and accessories for infants to toddlers from 0 to 3 years old, with the target market being parents aged 22 to 35. As of now, the business only ships locally. BoJ’s website theme follows a minimalistic design of black and white, along with touches of the business’s colours - purple, pink and blue to create consistency. The website contains mandatory elements, such as the live chat, as it will be useful in enhancing the customer’s shopping experience. The website was created not only based on the business’s image, but also to provide convenience and easy navigation from the consumer’s perspective.
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Below the slideshow showcases the new arrivals of the season that the business has just brought in to attract customer’s attention. BoJ chose to fill the home page with visual content because statistics show that visual content will increase the desire to read content by 80% (Refer to RI R1). As shown, there will be a 94% increase in view rate due to content with images (Refer to RI R2). Visuals attract people’s attention, boost their emotions and change their attitude. A post with images produces 180% more engagement (Refer to RI R3). This is why BoJ chooses to engage with their customers largely through the use of visual…show more content…
Facebook will be BoJ’s main new media platform to reach out to their target market apart from the website. According to Refer to RI R4, Facebook is the leading social media platform used by Singaporeans. Through the abovementioned social media platforms, BoJ will post pictures of products, collections, new arrivals, and promotions to keep customers updated. The business will also hold contests to engage customers as well as post inspirational quotes and pictures to remind customers to stay healthy (Refer to RI A8). As for YouTube, Bundle of Joy will be posting videos of their new arrivals as well as lookbooks in which customers are able to gain inspiration on ways to match the clothes to dress their child (Refer to RI
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