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The idea for this company came from the CEO Kevin Plank who, in 1996, wanted to make a shirt to be worn under football gear that wouldn’t get bunched up and gross while playing football. Under Armour started out by selling compression clothing designed to keep cool, dry, and comfortable for any sport or workout, and have expanded to incorporate all aspects of sportswear. They started their business in college football and gradually grew to being big in the NFL. Under Amour is now a company, like Nike and Adidas, who is a supplier of athletic shoes, equipment, and sportswear to psychically active people. In the beginning they were focusing their efforts on promoting their products to men because men were seen as the majority of the athletic market. But as sports have developed, there has been a massive increase of women’s interest in sports and physical activity. Since then, Under Armour saw a growth opportunity that they couldn’t pass up. At first their idea was to “shrink it and pink it,” which is basically where they take the men’s gear and just make it smaller to fit a women’s frame and to add more bright colors. This wasn’t a completely unsuccessful idea because it did generate awareness and interest…show more content…
For this they took their normal tagline for male gear of “We Much Protect This House. I Will.” and adapted it for their new product line. The new tagline was “No Matter What Sweat Every Day. I Will.” Along with this, they also featured women doing intense work outs that weren’t usually seen for women. This is their way of creating a new sort of brand image for this product line to show that women can work, train, and sweat just as hard as men. With these new advertisements, Under Armour continued to expand their promotion of the female line to ESPN, MTV, and also non-sports websites that actively seen by women (Gilt Group, DailyCandy,

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