Case Study Of Sexual Harassment At The Workplace

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Audience Sexual harassment is defined as the form of discrimination in 1970s. Employers can be sued by the victims at the workplace. Organization and manager are the persons who are mainly affected by this type of issue. In a working environment, these types of activities not only reduce the productivity and lowers the morale if the people, but also the reputation of the organization (Fitzgerald and Serra, 1990). The term sexual harassment is assigned specifically to the working class. It has now become an international phenomenon in cultural and occupational aspects. It is purely based on gender discrimination and unequal power relations between men and women. It is considered a serious issue at as the case of occupational hazard and human…show more content…
Organizations should have a written and published policy for sexual harassment 2. Organizations should have a procedure of filing a complaint about the person causing such harm. It creates a liability towards the management of the organization. It should also be ensured that the complaints are free from any type of retaliation 3. Let your employee know what constitutes sexual harassment and what can be done by the organization. Let them know these things through frequent trainings and information and discussion forums. To eliminate sexual harassment at workplaces needs a lot of time, finances and energy. Everyone wishes to work in a harassment free environment. Lawsuits are expensive for the organizations. To avoid this is to organize management training skills, charge have penalties and make suspension and firing plans (Kaufman, 2006). Complaint is a serious issue about which actions are to be taken. It would be ensured by evidence, witness. The religious norms, faith, creed and moral values are an effective tool for eliminating immoral behavior and unethical issues like sexual harassment in the society. As far as religious values are concerned all sorts of sexual harassment are considered sinful. Privacy at workplaces should be minimized to secure against risk. CCTV cameras should be used (Surajudin. Et al,

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