Case Study: Design Thinking And Innovation At Apple

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Apple’s products are now an indispensable part of people’s lives. Despite other competitors have longer history and outstanding performance, such as General Electronic Corporation (GEC) and Sony Corporation, Apple’s constant innovation makes it become a pioneer in business market. From the case “Design Thinking and Innovation at Apple”, there are some significant factors which cause the Apple’s success in the past 40 years. One of the vital factors is the leader. Steven Jobs, known as his strict and “dictatorial” characteristics, created Apple and endowed it with his initial value—simplicity and expertise. And these are how Apple implement in the following years. “‘That simplicity is the ultimate sophistication’…the really great person will keep on going and find…the key, underlying principle of the problem (Thomke, S. & Feinberg B., 2012).” A great leader should have his or her clear norms and disciplines, Apple has utilized NeXT, its previous computer workstation in 1985 which targeted to the education market, “as the basis of its following OS X computer operating system and the machine ended up being the development platform Sir Timothy Berners-Lee used to create the client for the World Wide Web (Thomke, S. & Feinberg B., 2012)”. Furthermore, it allows Windows users to access Apple’s products, like Mac computer with both Mac operating system and Windows operating system, which attract more potential customers. Last but not least, Apple’s constant experimentations generate its perfect products and service. Apple decided to move into retail in 2001. There were just few applications on its website at the beginning. After it transmitting the traditional music industries to online retail store and starting Apple Store, Apple spent nearly 10 years to build up and improve its own online retail store. Now more than billions of people are enjoying its

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