Case Report: 1510 South Oak In Bristow

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On 07/31/2016 I, Deputy Daniel Pruitt was dispatched to 1510 South Oak in Bristow for a assault complaint. I spoke to Mike Hoover who stated he was assault at 16124 South 401st Street by Hunter Jones. Mike stated he went to Leith Jones home to retrive a fishing pole that Hunter had. Mike started Leith and Hunter came to his home eariler this week to retrive some shorts that belonged to Hunter. Mike stated he walked up to the front door and Hunter stated "there he is" and Leith came out with a flashlight and the fishing pole. Mike stated he grabbed the fishing pole and was walking away when Hunter hit him with a 2X4 wooden board on the ride side of his body. Mike stated he fall to the ground and then got up. Mike stated Leith stated he was
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