Case Brief: Montague V. AMN Healthcare, Inc.

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859 words

Hillary Graham Legal Aspects 340 Prof. Gerrie Schipske Mon-Wed. 12:30 pm Case Brief: Montague v. AMN Healthcare, Inc. The case of Sara Montague et al., Plaintiffs and Appellants, v. AMN Healthcare, INC., Defendant and Respondent, was taken up and decided in the appellate court. The case was first granted a standard review of a summary judgment, which failed, the plaintiff then appealed this motion. After the appeal it then went to court to be heard in a normal trial. Just to be a bit more precise, it was heard and decided as case No. D063385. in the Court of Appeals of California, Fourth District, Division One, on the 21st of February in 2014. In this court case, representing Sara Montague, the plaintiff and appellant, was the law office of …show more content…

There is a woman by the name of Theresa Drummond who is a licensed medical assistant; she went through the company of Nursefinders to help assist her in placing her into a job and they did exactly that. They found her a medical assisting job at a Kaiser Medical Facility and at the Kaiser Facility where she got employed to is where she met the plaintiff in this case whose name is Sara Montague, she is also employed as a medical assistant. During a few different occurrences at the Kaiser Medical Facility both Theresa Drummond and the plaintiff Sara Montague had their differences and got into arguments while on the job. One of the arguments was about how the rooms were being stocked improperly and the argument following that was regarding some lab slips that had been lost, during this particular incident Theresa Drummond raised her voice at the plaintiff Sara Montague (Montague v. AMN Healthcare, Inc., …show more content…

After this occurred to the plaintiff by drinking her water, eventually Theresa Drummond came clean and admitted to putting carbolic acid in to Montague’s water bottle that was left at work. The carbolic acid was in fact found in the Kaiser Medical Facilities examination room where both the medical assistants work at (Montague v. AMN Healthcare, Inc.,

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the case of sara montague et al., plaintiffs and appellants, v. amn healthcare, inc. was taken up and decided in the appellate court.
  • Explains that amn healthcare, inc., is a company whose main purpose is to recruit and assist in placing certified licensed nurses and other medical personnel to various medical facilities where they can be employed.
  • Narrates how theresa drummond raised her voice at the plaintiff sara montague after she left her water bottle at work over night. she later admitted to putting carbolic acid in to it, which was found in the kaiser medical facilities examination room.
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