Carpet Industry In Pakistan Essay

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In educated families in Pakistan children have a normal life. They go to school, they play, and they have social activities. But in poor families the children work at least 8 hours a day. The per capita income in Pakistan is $1,900. The Economist Ranjan Ray states that a family will make their children work only if they are really in need (5).An average Pakistani has to feed 9 to 10 people. In addition, Pakistan has very high rates of inflation. Farkhanda Anjum and her colleagues in professional medical journal claims, "The ICF international (2012) estimated that of the 1,05,915 workers in the carpet industry 31.5 % of them were children. Most of the carpets in Pakistan are made in people 's houses. About 54 % of the carpet children were girls"…show more content…
The average cost of elementary school is $20 to $25 per month. Most families cannot afford this tuition especially families living in the Northern areas where most of the carpets are manufactured. "The study explored that all working children in carpet manufacturing in Pakistan were involved in dangerous work" (Anjum 641). The government needs to make the education free for poor children whose parents can 't afford to pay. In addition, parents need to learn or know the value of educating their children. If children are educated, they are less likely to tolerate low wages and bad treatment. When I was in high school I went on a school trip, and I saw many children who were making soccer balls, and they watched us in a very sad way. I think they wished they were in school and enjoying their life like us. When I saw them, I felt bad and started to think how to solve the problem of child labor. According to Munir Moosa Sadruddin, Ph.D Research Scholar, Institute of Education and Social Sciences, Children should be able to live a peaceful, dignified, and free life (13). In other words, children need to live an independent life of self respect, equal opportunity, and
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