Cystic Fibrosis Essay

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In cystic fibrosis, a genetical condition that has a high population of young patients with multiple medical treatment requirements, it is of clinical importance to ensure compliance to their treatments in order to avoid a premature death. Behavioural economics can help here by addressing how we improve motivation with and perceived value of medical treatments – to improve overall patient compliance. In treatment compliance with children, up to 70% of patients with chronic illnesses have poor adherence (Haynes RB, 2002). Poor adherence to cystic fibrosis therapies may result in increased disease symptoms, decrease physical functioning, increased time in hospital, morbidity rates and mortality, as such an increased healthcare costs (Vibeke Bregnballe, 2011). Therefore the more compliant the more cost-effective treatments become, and the healthier the patients stays. It is also important to note that for every drug skipped represents a financial loss. Capgemini group reported in 2013 that the worldwide cost of non-adherence to be estimated at 564 billion dollars. So, if we get childre...

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