Captain Mary Lee Mills's Contribution To Public Health Nursing

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The history of nursing important to understand because it can help our professionals today to know why things are the way it is now and can have solutions to unsolvable problems from history. Captain Mary Lee Mills was an African-American woman born in Wallace, North Carolina in August 1912. She was a role model, an international nursing leader, and a humanitarian in her time. She joined many nursing associations, she participated in public health conferences, gained recognition and won numerous awards for her notable contributions to public health nursing. Her contributions throughout her lifetime made a huge impact on the world today and has changed the lives of how people live because of her passion for public health nursing. She always…show more content…
Due to the Jim Crow laws in the South, she completed limited schooling available for young black girls. During the period of Women's Suffrage in the early 1900s, sometimes black women were discriminated against from the end of the Civil War and onward. When the 19th amendment was passed in 1920, it enfranchised all women, white and black. Although within the few decades, state laws and vigilante practices, which would disenfranchise most black women in the South. It took a major movement- Civil Rights Movement to take effect in the 1960s for African Americans before black women in the South would have the right to vote effectively. (African American Women and Suffrage.…show more content…
The goal was to maintain and improve the standards of nursing education throughout nursing history. She also joined the American Nurses Association (ANA) along with the North Carolina Nurses Association (NCNA). With these two organizations, the purpose of these commitments was to improve the standards of health and access to healthcare services for everyone. Promotion of the professional growth and development of all nurses included economic issues, working conditions, and independence of practice. She joined the state organization and through the state organization she was indirectly a member of the ANA and now it has just been proposed that a nurse can join the ANA without going through the state first. The ANA establishes and continually update standards of nursing practice (Catalano, 2009). The ANA hall of fame decided to honor her and other nurses whose achievements and dedication affected the nursing

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