How Is Florence Nightingale Influence Nursing

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Florence Nightingale’s Influence on the Development of Nursing
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What does it mean to be a professional nurse? QUESTION 1 A professional nurse is someone who has their college degree and has taken and passed their state exam to become a registered nurse. They provide care for the patients at the hospital on different floors such as: medical surgical, pediatrics, labor and delivery, orthopedics, general surgery, or the emergency room. A professional nurse has certain qualities that are important to possess. They should possess honesty, responsibility, a positive outlook about their job, and pre-senting themselves in a clean and professional manner even when they are off duty
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Patients need to be able to trust their nurse to ensure that they get the quality of care that the patient deserves. Nurses should practice teamwork, evidence based knowledge, ho-listic care, and ethics that meet the standards for all nurses (Ritchie & Gilmore, 2013). Nurses not only care for the patients at the hospital, but they also teach students who come to the hospi-tal to learn and get experience to become a registered nurse. These nurses share their knowledge with the students and model a positive outlook and attitude toward their job as a registered nurse (Ritchie and Gilmore, 2013). To be a successful nurse you need to possess all of these qualities and have a good attitude towards your job to be able to enjoy and excel in your field.
How would you describe your philosophy of nursing? What do you think nursing is? 2
Philosophy of nursing is when the nurse cares for a patient in the hospital or in a home setting. When the nurse is caring for the patient in the hospital or at the patients home, it is his/her job to listen to each request by the patient and care for them accordingly (Öresland, Lutzén, Norberg, Rasmussen, & Määttä, 2013). Patients trust their nurse with their life and it is important that nurses provide the higest quality of care. Nurses
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Dossey’s (2010) article states that Florence was the “philosophical founder of modern nursing, the first recognized nurse theorist, and her legacy is the holistic nursing movement” (p. 14). Florence was more than just a nurse theorist. She took her life’s work and experiences and laid them out to help teach and mold upcoming students into becoming great nurses. She did this by establishing a model for nurse training schools in England (Dossey, 2010). Once these were used and proven success-ful, they spread throughout the world and the foundation of her work is still used today (Dossey, 2010). She was also a healer of the Crimean War during 1854-1856, by helping care for the sol-diers and providing health care to those in battle (Dossey, 2010). Providing care to those wound-ed in battle is a very heroic job, and Florence did a great blessing to all of those men and women who served in the war and needed her care. Florence was the first woman honored for the Lon-don Statistical Society in 1858, and the Order of the Merit award in 1902 (Dossey, 2010). She was awarded many other awards for her accomplishments and hard work, including a museum in her honor. The Florence Nightingale Museum was built in 1982 to protect all of Florence’s let-ters, awards, and contributions that she has made to the nursing profession (Florence, 2012). The museum was intended to make Florence’s work and spirit feel real, and
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