Capitalism Essay

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CAPITALISM Capitalism is the result of a process in which economic activities and relationships that carry these mechanisms have been generating increasingly complex operation. PHASES OF CAPITALISM The origins of capitalism Since the sixteenth century, some European countries such as England and the Netherlands favored the development of commercial activities in order to obtain larger quantities of precious metals (gold, silver), it was believed that the wealth of nations depended on Accumulation of these metals. That was called mercantilism. This commercial activity, driven by states, benefited some specific factors of society, bourgeois merchants and bankers, and produced a significant accumulation of equity . In the eighteenth century that capital was invested in the creation of the first industries. This pre-capitalist economic system called mercantile capitalism. Liberal capitalism. In the late eighteenth century, some European countries initiated a technological transformation of the means of production and the organization of production is what is known by the name of industrial revolution. The factory and steam were the symbols of the revolution it established the foundations of capitalism this revolution affected the economy and affected the social or political organization. the two most characteristic features of this capitalism are: 1 -. Factories were small and occupied a small number of workers. The property and capital were, in most cases, family origin. . 2 - this time more vigorously defended the idea of economic freedom at all costs, hence the name of liberal capitalism. Financial Capitalism Took place from 1870 to 1914. Economic growth in this period was linked to the emergence of finance capital , t... ... middle of paper ..., an educational system interfered by vested interests, the division of society into numerous caste groups and social classes (rich and poor political parties football fans etc.), delivery of mass media capitalists in order to install in the population through radio television and other media individualism and Cultural corruption. Capitalism through these known methods to adapt and change over time to perpetuate its domination (colonialism laissez faire, military and economic imperialism, neocolonialism, mixed economy. Multinational corporations, monopolies and oligopolies. merger of companies etc. ..) To counter these methods must be created massive campaigns of alternative cultural diffusion through media such as radio, tele vision, magazines etc.. Should be initiated campaigns and mass movements educating and alerting the public about this type of exploitation

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