Cannibal Justice

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What if you were stranded on an uncharted island in the middle of nowhere? You are without a phone, food, and medical supplies; not even a radio to contact anyone. You scavenge the area for wild game and find nothing. The trees are far too high to climb for fruit, if there is even any to begin with. Slowly one by one the survivors start to die for no apparent reason. Starving, you start to eat their bodies by building a fire and roasting them as if you would roast a pig. Of course, you feel guilty, but after all, you are starving. Cannibalism can be a survival technique in extreme cases such as these. Even though cannibalism is most commonly believed to be the epitome of savage behavior (Bell), cannibalism is not always for pleasure, it can also be a way to survive because cultures all over the world practice this act as part of religion and there is no real charge for eating another human being. If cannibalism is a crime, there should be laws to enforce its wrongdoing.

The first documented cannibalistic action that took place was when Christopher Columbus encountered the West Indies tribe that took part in the practice of eating human flesh (Arens). The act seen was part of a post war ritual. Cannibalism has been a part of history and religious practices for centuries. Therefore, how can we say that cannibalism is wrong? Although there is a huge difference between eating a fellow being to survive and eating one to achieve sexual gratification, cannibalism is more of a survival technique. There are many differences in killing a person to eat them and eating one that has already died. Cannibalism has been practiced in ethnic groups all over the world often takes part in the act in order to appease the gods of their culture. The vi...

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... First, Cultures all over the world practice this act as part of religion. However, most importantly, there is no real charge for eating another human being. Therefore something must be done. If cannibalism is wrong in all cases, even survival, then better laws must be reached to enforce those who have slipped through the cracks so easily. There is no evidence that cannibalism is anywhere close to slowing down, in fact studies show it is picking up speed and becoming more and more noticeable to the public eye. If nothing is done to put these individuals into their place, you could be the next main course.

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