Execution by Hunger

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Execution by Hunger

Miron Dolot. Execution By Hunger: New York: W.W. Norton & Company

Inc., 1985

Miron Dolot’s book, EXECUTION BY HUNGER, is a detailed account as seen

through the eyes of a true survivor during the reign of Stalin and the

Soviet Union between 1929-1933. In his accounts, he portrays

atrocities against human civilization while documenting his real life

experiences and those of his fellow Ukrainian village farmers. He

portrays them as victims of their own time period. Victims of a new

wave of political beliefs, namely collectivization were enforced by

Stalin and his followers in the name of Communism.

Dolot convinces the reader that powerful forces of government made it

clear to village farmers there was no option for them. They had no

choice but to join the collective farm. It was a do or die situation;

a matter of survival with the consequences of rebellion meant arrest,

execution, concentration camps, or starvation. Do...

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