CRM Case Study

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The future trends of CRM involve businesses creating a customer centric system where customers sculpture their relationships with businesses the manner in which they choose to do so (Peppers & Rogers, 2011). Within this customer ecosystem are multiple interconnections that fashion customer engagement and business development of products and services. Businesses aim to benefit financially while listening to their customers. Customers hope to benefit through incentives and promotions while engaging and communicating with business managers or staff. Such measures move businesses towards more collaborative relationships with their customers and with those within the organization. Giving attention to collaborative relationships within the…show more content…
As a result, trending CRM objectives will focus more on customer experience through listening to the customer, talking to the customer, energizing the customer, supporting the customer more, and embracing the customer’s values (Band, 2008). Listening to the customer involves businesses developing ways for the customer to communicate perceptions and trends, then researching those perceptions and trends to study the sustainability. Talking to the customer is the way in which the customer can speak about the brand. It sets the stage for those valuable customers to carry the messages about the product. Customers do this by using social networks such as Facebook. Energizing techniques encourage customers to voice their opinions through platforms such as ratings and reviews of products or services. Hopefully, this will also excite others or ease doubts. Supporting measures empower customers within the community to discover solutions together. Businesses embrace their customers by creating a community for customers to share their ideas. As businesses follow these trends, they are more equipped to adapt to changes quickly and make good use of their customer…show more content…
22). Mobile computing and ecommerce applications are now favored choices for CRM. It is important to integrate CRM applications to ensure access via tablet and other technological devices. This is a plus for businesses because their salespeople have the capability to view “full customer profile, history of activities, quotes, orders, and more while on the road” (Triplett, 2016, p. 22). This is excellent CRM mobility. Tools like ERP better serve the customer and allow room for more improved customer service as applications advance. This also helps businesses increase production capabilities. Another, impact is that it removes geographical boundaries. “Geographical boundaries do not exist in the ecommerce world” (as cited by Triplett, 2016, p. 22). As a result, businesses “significantly expand their trading area at little additional cost” (Triplett, 2016, p. 22). Business can also use best practices of CRM to identify and measure gaps and assign values to those gaps (Band, 2007, slide 18). For example, BigCo. identified gaps that include lack of updated customer information to ensure good customer relationships, inadequate tools for evaluating and determining sales and marketing channels, and mediocre available integrated technologies (Band, 2007). Identifying shortcomings and organizational capabilities help businesses realistically examine the impact of chosen ERP
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