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TBWI Mission Statement A mission statement is a marketing tool that states the organization's purpose (Rouse, M., 2013). TBWI mission statement should be brief, clearly states the purpose of TBWI, and provide a description of what customers and the public should know about TBWI (Rouse, M., 2013). TBWI Mission Statement: The Best Widget Inc. (TBWI) mission is to be the leading virtual organization in the world. TBWI uses information technology as a tool to improve the organization productivity and efficiency. To do this TBWI uses an Enterprise Resource Planning system to successfully carry out various business functions. TBWI promotes information technology to improve customer service experiences. TBWI will maintain a relationship with customers to continue to improve and meet TBWI customers’ expectations. Employees at TBWI can anticipate using the best productivity software, cloud computing, and telecommuting for virtual employees to meet the needs of TBWI ( 4 Critical Success Factors for TBWI Critical success factors are elements that, if done properly, will determine the success of an organization (Brown, C.V., Dehayes, D.W., Hoffer, J.A., Martin, E.W., and Perkins, W.C., 2012, p. 527). One critical success factor is to focus on what the organization really need (Business Intelligence Software Comparison, 2014). Determining what the need is the first step for an organization to be successful. If the organization cannot determine their needs, then how would they know where to start? Every need of the organization from what type of desktop system to software needed should be determine first in order for the organization to be successful. The second critical factor is to focus on return on... ... middle of paper ... ...oceedings/2002/PDF/f245.pdf Heathfield, S. (n.d.). Internet and Email Policy. Retrieved from, Mission Statements. Retrieved from, Rouse, M. (2013). Mission Statement. Retrieved from, Sanje, G., and Senol, I. (2012). The Importance of Online Behavioral Advertising for Online Retailers. Retrieved from, Whitman, M.E and Mattord, H.J. (2012). Principles of Information Security. (4th Ed. P. 401). Boston, MA: Course Technology. Wilsonle. (2013). ERP Cloud Computing. Retrieved from,

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