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Bullying has become a dangerously behavior that has a lot of parents worried. “Over 3.2 Million students are victims of bullying each year.” What Is Bullying? Bullying refers to particular types of violent acts, which are performed by a student who is considered the bully the bully uses strength to intimidate students, and sometimes force the student to do what the bully wants. Victims of bullying often go through harassment particularly in schools. In a bullying situation a bigger, more popular, stronger student will hurt the student victim. Students who are bullied go through serious long-lasting problems that can lead to suicide because they cannot take it no more, and so they cannot find another way but to commit suicide, not always but sometimes students who are bullied think that no one can help them and they take actions on their own. Bullying has become a great risk, especially in schools, but it can also be found at home, on the Internet, and basically anywhere people congregate. Facts on Bullying say, “Bully victims are between two to nine times more likely to consider suicide than non victims according to studies by Yale Unversity” Why do victims think about suicide rather than another solution? Well most of the time victims feel trap in a whole where no one can get them out, and the easy solution is to die, but why suicide because it will end with their pain. Bullying has been rising to the top, suicides among children in the United States is growing rapidly due to bullying. Bullying is becoming a great concern in today’s society and maybe it could be a world wide problem. The only way to stop bullying is to address it as a serious problem, and that victims are in great danger if someone does not intervene in schoo...

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...not just a child issue, but a an adult issue too, when adults go through bullying themselves they may solve it, and they think that children can solve it too but that is not the real picture.
So By having a class in schools on how to prevent bullying, like teaching the students what to do in a bullying situation, and how to act in case of someone tHreatning them. This could perhaps built a safe environment in schools; this action can stop and get rid of bullying, how to combat aggressors, and how to deal with situations of bullying.
To conclude, bullying is a fast and rapid growing aggression, and it needs to be taken seriously. Battling bullying may seem impossible but with proper education and actions, many students across the nation will not have to suffer from physical, psychological bullying or no longer be in the shadows of bullying for future generations.

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