Negative Essay: Bullying: The New Weapon

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Bullying: The New Weapon
My friend, Kevin, was just two short months away from graduating high school, but he never got to see that day because of bullies. No one had a clue; he had a remarkable family and a great group of friends. He did everything he could to leave a smile on everyone’s face, and he earned the nickname, “Cheeks,” because of his huge, friendly smile. No one understood why such a cheerful person would want to take his own life, but it was because bullies harassed him for months, and no one knew. According to the Center for Disease Control, “Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulting in about 4,400 deaths per year” (Bullying and Suicide). Bullying is an ongoing issue that seems to evolve rapidly, and the world of
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Fear is a major factor that thrives in the mind of the victim. The fear of humiliation and discrimination consumes the victim creating extreme levels of stress, which can have fatal outcomes. The sufferer becomes reserved and no longer goes to school or participates in activities they once enjoyed. In addition, the victim has a lack of appetite and sleeps constantly, which are both symptoms of depression (Bullying and Suicide). Although these are all symptoms of someone being bullied, some victims may not express how they feel or they may choose to not make it known. In some severe cases, the victim will shut down and shut out everyone around them, which makes it more difficult for someone to help them in their time of need. The emotional damages inflicted by the bully not only causes low self-esteem but also long term effects that could lead to even worse outcomes. For example, victims can be diagnosed with eating disorders, chronic illness, depression and the idea of suicide is planted in their head. If the damages of bullying cannot be reversed, the victim will most likely go into severe depression or worse, make an attempt on their
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