Bubonic Plague Dbq

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The Bubonic Plague The bubonic plague was a horrifying plague that wiped out about 1/3 of the world’s population. The bubonic plague travelled very quickly but some question what it was that caused it to travel so quickly. In analyzing the fact that infectious droplets, human choices and trade were all major factors of the spread, one can conclude that humans had a major impact on the spread of the Bubonic Plague. Humans had a major impact on the spread of the bubonic plague, one example would be infectious droplets. Not just humans, animals too. People that hunted infected animals and ate them also got the disease. Humans that were crowded in the same medieval city were coughing and getting their saliva onto other peoples skin. “the epidemic, which is reckoned to have claimed 75 million lives worldwide, spread from person to person in crowded medieval cities.” This quote supports the information because it explains how quickly it spread from person to person and why…show more content…
People were hunting animals that were infected and eating them. They didn’t think it would do any harm. “transmission can also occur from handling infected animal tissues.” This quote supports the statement because it explains how the plague can spread if someone is in direct contact with infected tissue. Wars were a major factor as well. In 1347, a town called Genoese was under attack by a tartar army, when the tartars were killed by the plague, their infected corpses were launched over the walls by tartars who were not dead yet. The Genoese were exposed and they panicked, they fled to Europe and brought the disease with them. “The Genoese fled by ship to Sicily, taking the deadly disease with them to Europe.” This quote is an example because it explains how the deadly disease affected them and how it got to Europe. Another thing that helped cause the spread of the bubonic plague was
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