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I remember feeling a petite hand in mine and a voice that sounded an awful like Riley’s. I couldn’t make out the words because they were all muffled like I was under water. Then abruptly I wake up from what seemed like a century of sleep. On top of that, I had the worst nightmare that Riley and I were in an accident and there was screaming and glass flying everywhere. Then I realized it wasn’t a dream. It was all too real and I am sitting in a hospital bed to prove it. A wave of worry rushes through me. Is Riley okay? How long have I been here for? I need someone to come in here soon so I can find out exactly what is happening. I close my eyes and try to think of happy memories to neutralize my worry. I think back to this past winter when Riley …show more content…

I have no idea how someone can sleep in such an awkward sleeping position. We are a little over an hour away from her parents’ house. Both of us agreed to drive there for our holidays rather than fly since we figured if would be a fun adventure. It is about a six hour drive but with Riley here, time has flown by. I flip through the radio stations to find something decent to listen too. “Up next is an old time favorite, Just the Way you Are by Bruno Mars.” The radio announcer …show more content…

Between our jam out sessions to the music and conversations about our parents I barely remember pulling up into the Warren’s driveway. It is just as I remember it back in June. Riley was lucky to live in such a palace. I bet three families could live there. The front is all done in gray tones of stone and there is a big wooden door as the entrance. It is two stories high and has huge windows that open up to balcony’s on the top story. “Home sweet home.” Riley says as she opens the car door. I hop out and start unloading the trunk of our luggage. “Riley, Aden.” Mrs. Warren greets both of us with a hug as she comes out to see us. “Thanks for letting me stay with you guys.” I say to her. “Oh, anytime Aden. You will feel like one of the family in no time here.” She says. Family. That word sticks with me. I drift off for a moment thinking about what a family with Riley would be like. “George, come and help the kids bring in their things.” Mrs. Warren shouts out to Riley’s father. “Yep, I am coming, just need to slip some shoes on.” He replies back. “You look so grown up.” Mrs. Warren says to Riley. “My little girl in Stanford and with a boyfriend. Time just goes by too quickly.” “Mom!” Riley says

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