British Women: An Example of Modesty and Loyalty

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Women in the United Kingdom have fought very long to get their rights respected and accepted in general throughout history. The women of today that are known as leaders and preachers of human rights of today, took a very long path of walking towards tolerance, freedom, fair and equal treatment. Discrimination was a major issue back in the sixteenth century, and there was a very big difference put between the men and the woman. Females had absolutely no right of owning anything. They just lived to satisfy their husbands and take care of the family household. Many pressure groups have been created to support the women’s movement and push their rights forward. The main concern they had was the male population accepting that females also have the right to vote. Women ever since have made their voice heard a lot of times, creating various programs and funding different commissions to make sure their word gets through. The most important way of getting the word through is with the means of proper communication. British women have created many forums and advising committees, which have successfully grown from being just local pressure groups, into groups of female fighters for women’s rights and childcare programs. Women are now supported at their businesses, taken seriously and considered as eligible candidates for the governmental positions. This paper will give a walkthrough of the history of women’s rights, how it all started out. First a historical introduction will be given, on how a women was perceived in the sixteenth century, what her rights and responsibilities were and what the society expected from her. A small historical overview will be given on how the government was pressured into accepting females to be part of the gover...

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... took more rising.
Nowadays, women have equal rights as men. They have legal protection and get to own property, govern their own life and the bare the decision of childbirth. The constitution of Great Britain fully protects the rights and freedom of a woman, to be treated equally and have all the rights and responsibilities like men. Britain is not only one of the strongest European countries in terms of women’s right protection, but also takes on the responsibility of doing so for other countries as well. As of 2013, there have been many government-funded programs, including a partnership with the World Bank. Currently a lot of attention is paid to the issue of violence. The British governmental takes care of the programs to ensure that the remote areas which are difficult to access also get a reach and to some extend at least reach the international standards.

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