British Invasion Essay

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The 1960s British Invasion has influenced American culture in music, art, and fashion for the last five decades. The Beatles, a British, rock, boy band, were the main leaders of changing American culture with a new type of music. Their influence on music in American society and the music we listen to will last forever. During the 1960’s, there was a huge change that happened in music all over the world. People began to stand up for themselves and come together to make the world a better place. The young people of the day were called “baby boomers” and were most likely the most influential people in the world, to this day. Europe was completely underestimated for their musical talent, no one knew what they were capable of in America. British bands such as The Beatles and Pink Floyd were the kinds of music that lead to this international movement of the British invasion of music into the American culture. They had a phenomenal amount of fans to support them, and started a new drug usage trend.
The British invasion began in America in the beginning of the 1960’s when bands like the Animals and the Rolling Stones entered the United States. These bands started the entire British Invasion. This one move into the United States not only changed America, but the entire world . One reason they were so successful is that they took a familiar American rhythm and blues sound and expanded on its wide range of instruments and vocals. They took a chance in leaving England to play abroad, but ultimately they paved the way for other British rock bands to break the international barrier.
Meanwhile, in Liverpool, England, a new group was forming that would change the face of rock forever. They called themselves the Beatles. Their names were John L...

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...portant role models in their fans lives.
The British Invasion had made Americans feel more free. All though the first commandment of the United States is freedom of speech, the British Rock music helped them feel as if they had the freedom to do what they want, the freedom to be who they want, and the freedom to be themselves.
All of the changes that happened in the past leads to how each and every person views music today. No other times in the world has ever shaped a culture, and probably never will again. The British showed how to unite different people, to create a nation of happy people, who all share something in common. One reason could be because of the baby boom, which lead to more people joining together. Other theory are simply because they made everyone feel wanted, loved, and needed. The Beatles had changed American society forever through their music.
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