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Brett Favre

I have chosen Brett Favre for my biography paper. The name of the biography was Brett Favre and it was written by Martin Mooney. If you love football you should read this book. I chose Brett Favre because he is a great quarterback and role model to children everywhere. I also chose him because he is a football legend
Brett was born in a small town called Kiln, Mississippi, on October 10, 1969. He was given the name Brett Lorenzo Favre. He also grew up in this small town where he was as the second oldest of his family. His parents were Irvin and Bonita Favre. Both his parents worked at Hancock North Central High school. Irvin, being a teacher, baseball coach and football coach, and Bonita was a special education teacher. Brett loved to play football all his life. In fifth grade he decided which position he wanted to play when he went out for wide receiver and landed on the football after a catch and lost his breath. He told his father, the coach for his team, “I don’t want to play wide receiver no more.”
Ever since that day he has been a quarterback after his dad put him as one, and scored 4 touchdowns. As a teenager Brett grew up about the same as anyone else. Since he grew up in a totally football enclosed family, with his brother playing football in college and his father being a coach, he loved the game. He has the same posters, and the same dreams and heroes as most k...
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