Breast Cancer Prevention and Education

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According to the American Cancer Society, “Breast cancer is the common disease of women in the United States, other than skin cancer.” After lung cancer, it is the leading secondary cause of cancer death in women. It helps to have some basic facts about the normal makeup of the breasts to understand breast cancer. In the past, this disease was one of the most feared forms of cancer due to its fatality rate and because complete recovery often required breast removal. The best way to fight this disease is to have a plan that helps you detect the disease in its early stages. Now, however, treatment options have been expanded and there is a higher probability of full recovery than ever before. Lives can be saved by increasing awareness of breast cancer through education and by providing mammograms for those in needs. Therefore, women can increase their chances of surviving breast cancer if they overcome their fears, receive thorough check-ups, and seek proper treatments.

Now, what is breast cancer? Breast cancer is a condition in which malignant cells form in the tissues of the breast. It is considered a heterogeneous disease differing by their age and even the kinds of cells and tumors themselves. “Evidently no woman wants to hear this diagnosis, but hearing the words “breast cancer” does not always signify a conclusion. It can be the launch of learning how to confront, obtain the facts, and find hope” (ACS, 2010). While, it found predominantly in women, men can be at risk too. It is about 100 times more common in women than in men. Here, I will only talk about breast cancer in women because a woman is more susceptible to this disease.

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