Breaking Social Norms: Exploring Sobriety in College

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One day while hanging out with my sister, she brought up an interesting question; “why do people always question why you don’t drink, but they never question why you do drink?” I began to contemplate this question. As a sober college student I have constantly been asked, “why don’t you drink?” and I have always tried to avoid answering it. I wondered why this was. I know I am not the only sober college student, but so few other students know this. I never even realized how many other students were living a sober life style until I came to the University of Nevada Reno and joined an organization dedicated to supporting sober students. So, why is it that the sober community is so unfamiliar to the overall college community?

When asked what the most popular thing to do at college on a weekend is, many students might respond with “go out and party,” even many of the students in recovery have this response. Why is it that drinking and partying has become the stereotype of college? Students seem to find it odd to have sober communities because they believe drinking and partying is all part of the college experience. What they do not realize is that there are thousands of sober college students all over the country who could benefit greatly from sober college communities. I do not think drinking and partying is part of the college experience. I think that the whole point of college is to experience life; meet new people, prepare for your future career, and learn to live out in the world on your own. According to, 31% of college students fit the criteria for an alcoholic and 25% of all college freshmen drop out of college due to alcohol and drug related problems. I do not believe that dropping out is part...

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