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Wong Kwun Wai 3035183069 Africa-Brazil economic relations 1. Abstract: The essay investigates Africa- Brazil economic relation. Africa is rapidly changing and Brazil has expressed growing interest in supporting and taking part in its development. 2. Introduction: Economic globalization has been associated with the hegemony of traditional Western economic powers. However, the twenty-first century announced the emergence of new economic powers and Brazil has emerged as one of the world’s strongest economies. Brazil is the fifth biggest country in the world while its GDP (current US dollars) was the sixth in the world. The two regions, Africa and Brazil are natural partners with strong historic and cultural links, and similar geological and climatic …show more content…

The factory is expected to produce over 100,000 cubic meters of ethanol. 3.5 Advantage compared to competitors Brazilian government has made a great effort to provide Brazilian companies with financial and political support in their competition for markets and influence in Africa but it sees ‘cultural affinity’ as the real trump card against more powerful Chinese state-backed companies. Brazil enjoys an important cultural advantage in comparison to China, Russia or India, especially in Portuguese-speaking Africa. In the past few years, Brazil has undertaken around 200 cooperation projects with African countries in areas ranging from agricultural research to medicine and technical cooperation, among others. These activities were mostly focused on Portuguese-speaking countries. In an attempt to differentiate themselves from the practices of Chinese enterprises which are often criticised for polluting African countries' environment and violating labour laws, Brazilian companies have signed up to a code of conduct and ethics. They also employ African workers while most Chinese companies in Afica are increasingly importing their labour force directly from …show more content…

Conclusion Brazil’s position as an important emerging market and one of the key players globally, has increasingly driven its desire for greater South–South cooperation. In Africa, Brazilian engagements are moving beyond commercial and broader geopolitical interests to embrace social development programs and knowledge transfer, particularly to the agricultural and biofuel sector. Reference: Brazil in Africa A new Atlantic alliance Stolte, C. (2012). Brazil in Africa: Just another BRICS country seeking resources?. Chatham House Briefing Paper, (1). Brief, C. M. (2010). The African Development Bank Group Chief Economist

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