The Olympic Gamez in Rio de Janeiro

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Brazil is unarguably, to an extent, an extremely fast-growing economy. The country has overcome boom after bust in the economy and has now made it into the vision of other first world countries as a nation that is no longer “developing.” Though Brazil has overcome hyperinflation, military leaders, slavery, and many more issues in the past few centuries, the country is becoming more and more known for its economy and that the country is no longer exclusively just agricultural. This economy has given the world, and the International Olympic Committee, hope in the future of the country, and has allowed the IOC to award the 2016 Olympics to the city of Rio de Janeiro. Though the economy may prosper after the Olympics, the Brazilian government has other issues at hand to deal with that should have been prioritized before wanting to host the Olympics. Although there are many cases for the country to grow economically from hosting the Olympics, the government of Brazil should have taken care of many issues, such as the poor distribution of wealth, education systems, and other areas of infrastructure, before looking to host the Olympics, and these issues will hurt the country long after the Games are over.
In the past few decades, Brazil has turned around their economy from bust after boom to a strong and growing economy. Between the 16th and 18th centuries, Brazil was reliant on its sugar industry, until the Caribbean became a competitor for the country. Unfortunately, these sugar booms caused the plantation owners to receive all of the profit, which created a large gap between the very rich and very poor, with no middle class. The gold industry had some prospects, but because the gold rushes were in isolated areas, the mon...

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