Brave New World Vs. Today

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Close your eyes and imagine a world free of war, suffering and pain; an environment that provides all the necessary luxuries to maintain eternal happiness; one that is stable, friendly, peaceful and enjoyable. In this world, every inconvenience known to man is rid of. We are no longer affected by disease, aging, heartbreak, depression or loneliness; conformity is at hand and stability is achieved. Now envision a world where there is no love, families do not exist, humans are no longer conceived yet created in test tubes, and sexual promiscuity is not only acceptable but enforced. Picture an environment where there is no religion, art or history. The human mind and body is assembled accordingly and we lack the freedom of thought that allows us to be individuals with dignity. The dream world and the nightmare seem unlikely to coincide with one another; however this is exactly what Aldous Huxley predicts to be the future of the world we live in now if science cannot be controlled. Unfortunately, his prediction is closing in on today's reality and the repercussions are that of the hell known as Utopia.

Aldous Huxley warned the world of the disastrous consequences of science and technology through his novel Brave New World. He predicted that if we do not monitor and limit the extent of scientific advancements, it would come to the point where it would consume our lives. Through this, he believes we would loose our dignity, our self worth, our values and morals and the power to say no to science and technology. "While Huxley set his novel six centuries in the future, his vision is coming into sharp focus much sooner than that" (O'Neil). The shocking descriptions of the Brave New World bare too many similarit...

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...t whose influence corrupts and destroys our world. Shockingly, it does not stop here either for the similarities between our two worlds continue through a long list of disappointing and disgusting specifics.

Sadly, in only the year 2004 we have closely attained many of the predictions that Huxley set out in his futuristic novel Brave New World. His warnings have come too true in this day and it is unavoidably becoming worse. Most of the similarities between today and the Brave New World are based upon selfishness and individual happiness. We are so self-seeking that we want every comfort and every possibility hence; we trap ourselves into the hell of this Utopia. "Now may be as good a chance as we will ever have to get our hands on the wheel of the runaway train now headed for a post-human world and steer it toward a more dignified human future" (Kass).

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