Metal And Society: The Uses Of Metals In Society

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Metals are currently in high demand by society. A high percentage of common everyday items you use and see utilises a form of metal. That wooden table in a common kitchen that looks like it is made completely of wood. Metals are still used in that "completely wooden table" as the screws used to hold it together are made of metals. Many commonly used metals such as iron, aluminium, and/or copper are all found from ores. An ore is a mixture in the form of a rock that is mined. For example, bauxite is an ore that contains a high percentage of pure aluminium. That pure aluminium is then extracted, refined, and crafted in to many everyday items such as cars, foil, and ladders. Chemists are continuously researching an innovative approach to extract and refine pure metals from ores while using fewer amounts of energy. Society's requirement of metals is increasing by the year as science and technology advances.
Uses Of Aluminium In Society:
Society uses the metal element, aluminium, in various different methods. Transportation is a necessity in modern societies; what do buses, airplanes, cars, bikes, and scooters all have in common? They all are manufactured using aluminium. Aluminium is a light, durable, and supple metal. Since a greater mass reduces the velocity of a car, heavier cars require more fuel to achieve higher velocities. Aluminium, a light and durable metal, is now commonly used in the production of cars to decrease the usage of fuel ( Moreover, aluminium foil is also a product in high demand by society. It is a metallic element that prevents greenhouse gases, unwanted odour molecules, and unwanted flavours molecules from entering protected food. The conductivity of aluminium resists gases such as flavour and...

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...ciety, as it is one of main metals used in the manufacturing of products in high demand by modern society. The process of extracting pure aluminium from mined bauxite is a complicated step-by-step procedure researched and produced by chemists. Aside from aluminium itself, bauxite mines have its disadvantages as well including environmental issues, health related issues, and aesthetical impairments. An example of an environmental issue would be air pollution. Diseases such as silicosis (a respiratory disease) can be induced from the inhalation of mining dust. Bauxite mines are generally found around the equator in tropical regions. To create space for these mines, lush areas of nature would have to be removed. This causes aesthetical impairment for visual enjoyers. As aluminium's demand in society rises, so will its advantages, disadvantages, and scientific research.

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